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Achieve a GPU lift of 20-70% 
Our Commitment, Your Growth

Your F&I Revolution Starts Here

We help small and large automotive dealerships get a lift in F&I GPU within 30-60 days by systematically removing mental roadblocks to selling finance and insurance products in the F&I office.


Our industry leading program is designed to equip finance and insurance managers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in the dynamic world of F&I. Our trainers are experienced industry professionals who bring real-world expertise to the classroom, and our program is tailored to the needs of today's dealerships and customers.


Experience a Profit
Revolution in Just

48 Hours

Increase Your Profitability, Not Your Stress

We know that running a car dealership or a dealer group is no walk in the park. Your days are a whirlwind of meetings, decisions, and endless tasks. The F&I office, though brimming with potential, can feel like an unsolved puzzle. You want to maximize profitability, but you don't have the luxury of time or resources to navigate complex, ineffective training methods. That's where we come in.

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Are you ready to take your F&I office to the next level? Book your spots in our upcoming training program now!

"The energy was refreshing! Really well done, Michael, your approach and passion shows through the course. Thank you for training the trainer!"

- Nicole Mann

"I feel like a different person now that I have taken this course, and I think it would be beneficial for my whole team to complete this course. Michael, you are amazing. Keep doing what you are doing. You will continue to make an enormous impact on everyone who takes your course."

- Trinity Kruger

“I learned more about selling/F&I techniques in the last two days than in my first two years in the store.”

- Elliott Wood

“This training gets you out of your comfort zone and shows you what you can really do, and what you're really capable of.”

- Kennedy Parsons

The Curriculum That Drives Results

Module 1

Mindset Training

Re-program your F&I team's mindset to discard limiting beliefs, gain confidence and unlock their full potential. Unlearn counterproductive techniques that may have led to stagnancy or complacency.

Module 2

Proven Presentation Framework

Time-tested pitch presentations and frameworks take your F&I team's confidence to the next level. Immersive roleplay perfects the new tools.

Module 3

Value-Build Pitch Strategy

Learn to maximize blending & bundling utilizing menu selling to maximize GPU, PPD and CSI scores. Invert the traditional selling process to build value and awareness for the customer.

Module 4

Creditors Presentation Framework

Learn to sell creditors insurance utilizing a consultative selling method that is simple to implement and proven to add to GPU without compromising other product offerings.

Module 5

Objection Handling Framework

Learn to effectively recover "lost" opportunities and maximize GPU and PPD. Immersive roleplay allows participants to apply their newly learned techniques and decisively close deals.

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