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F&I Masters™ Training Program

2-Day Industry Leading F&I Training Program

Imagine Elevating Your F&I
Profits in Just 48 Hours

Are you tired of seeing valuable revenue opportunities slip through the cracks of your F&I office every day? Does it seem like insurance penetration is stuck in neutral, despite your best efforts?


We know that the F&I office is the number one profit generating center in a dealership per square foot, and we want to help you maximize each and every deal to its fullest potential. We understand the challenges of finding skilled finance managers, high new hire costs, weak insurance penetration, and ineffective objection handling. That's where we come in.

Your roadmap to unparalleled success in the F&I office starts here. We've designed this program with an understanding of your unique challenges in mind, helping you achieve a remarkable 20-70% BOOST IN GPU within 30-60 days.

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The F&I Masters™
2-Day Accelerator Program

The F&I Masters™ 2-Day Accelerator program is an unparalleled opportunity for F&I professionals to achieve and maintain excellence in their field. This comprehensive program goes beyond traditional training, offering a holistic approach that blends cutting-edge techniques with ongoing specialized mindset coaching and support. Designed to empower participants from the moment they embark on their journey, this program is a game-changer in elevating F&I performance.

Program Components:


  • Two-Day F&I Training: The foundation of the F&I Masters™ program is an intensive two-day training workshop that immerses participants in the latest strategies, best practices, and refined techniques in the F&I realm. Combined with comprehensive mindset training and immersive roleplay exercises, these sessions provide the foundational tools needed for success.


  • Four Weeks of Virtual Follow-Up Coaching Sessions: What sets our program apart is the commitment to sustained growth. Following the intensive training, participants engage in four weeks of virtual follow-up sessions. These sessions allow individuals to hone their skills, set goals, address challenges, and refine their approach with the guidance of experienced mindset coaches. Each coaching session is recorded and shared with the participant's General Manager, allowing for transparency and confidence in the process.

What Makes Our Training Different

Our F&I Accelerator™ Program stands apart through its unique and unparalleled offerings, ensuring that the journey towards excellence is exceptional in every way.

IPEC Certified

Mindset Coach

This certification brings a transformative dimension to our training, facilitating lasting change that goes miles beyond conventional F&I training methods. The IPEC certification is internationally recognized for its rigorous training standards, equipping coaches with profound skills to facilitate meaningful changes in individuals. 


1-on-1 Training

We recognize that individual growth varies, which is why we only offer 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 training sessions. This tailored approach allows participants to receive focused guidance, ensuring that their unique needs are addressed effectively. 

Practical Role-Play

Based Training

Our training takes a personalized approach, utilizing immersive real-world roleplay scenarios. This hands-on method helps F&I managers acquire practical processes and effective word tracks to boost GPU, PPD, and CSI scores. Even candidates with limited experience can become highly productive team members in just 48 hours.

The Power of Mindset

In the dynamic world of F&I, where interactions can be challenging and outcomes unpredictable, the significance of mindset coaching cannot be overstated. F&I managers often grapple with their own inner doubts, limiting beliefs, and the residual impact of interactions that didn't meet expectations. These internal struggles can hinder performance, breed self-doubt, and impede growth.


Mindset coaching is the powerful antidote to these challenges, equipping F&I managers with the mental resilience needed to conquer their inner demons. By addressing and reframing limiting beliefs, fostering self-awareness, and teaching techniques to manage stress and setbacks, mindset coaching provides a transformative toolkit. It empowers F&I managers to navigate difficult customer interactions with composure, learn from perceived failures, and extract lessons that fuel continuous improvement. In essence, mindset coaching isn't just about skill enhancement; it's about building the psychological fortitude that turns challenges into opportunities and paves the way for sustained success in the competitive landscape of F&I.

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Keynote Speaking

F&I Masters™ is dedicated to delivering outstanding keynote speaking services. Our seasoned speakers draw from profound industry expertise and a keen understanding of human motivation to captivate and empower audiences across a wide range of subjects that can be customized to your meeting or event. Whether addressing a room filled with emerging talents or seasoned industry veterans, our speeches are meticulously crafted to ignite innovation, instigate transformative change, and inspire individuals to unlock their utmost potential. When F&I Masters™ takes the stage, every word becomes a powerful catalyst for profound transformation.

Ready to turn your next meeting into a resounding success? Let's connect and start a conversation today!

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