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F&I Masters™ is dedicated to elevating professionals in the Finance and Insurance Office’s of Automotive dealerships. Through our transformative 2-Day Accelerator program, we combine cutting-edge strategies with intensive mindset coaching to empower participants to excel and significantly boost F&I GPU. Our approach is holistic, encompassing hands-on roleplay exercises and ongoing support sessions, ensuring that F&I managers not only master their roles but also achieve sustained excellence in their financial performance. With F&I Masters™, every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth and enhanced profitability.

Keynote Speaking Excellence

At F&I Masters™, we also take pride in our acclaimed keynote speaking services. Leveraging deep industry insights and an understanding of human motivation, our speakers invigorate and inspire audiences on a myriad of topics. Whether it's a room of budding professionals or seasoned industry leaders, our speeches are crafted to spark innovation, drive change, and motivate individuals to reach their highest potential. With F&I Masters™ at the podium, every word is a catalyst for transformation

Meet the Team

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